24 Hour Walk

We raised £755.50 to help keep Leominster Meeting Centre open... with a continuous 24 hour walk! 

In 2015, Neuroscientist Julianne Holt-Lunstad demonstrated that loneliness increases the likelihood of early mortality by 26% - equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  In spite of this, more than half of people aged over 75 live alone and 17% may go an entire week without a meaningful conversation. This is why we decided to make it our mission to find ways of reducing isolation. 

Leominster Meeting Centre is a place where people with dementia can go and enjoy a variety of activities. It is a place where they can feel safe. It has changed many lives for the better, those of the people living with dementia as well as lives their families, which is why doing a 24-hour walk felt like the least we could do. This is how it went... 

Dog Walking for H&W Animal Rescue

The first part of the walk was 4.9 miles long and took us about 1 hour and 40 minutes. We walked from Leominster Meeting Centre to the H&W Animal rescue to give some of the dogs their necessary daily exercise. 

Chasing Rivers

After the lovely outing with the friendly dogs we then embarked on a 13.1 miles long trek towards the Riverside Inn. It took us 5 hours to get there but the effort was rewarded with a candle lit dinner! Thank you Riverside Inn

Meet the Owls

With a full stomach and with everybody ready for a good night sleep, we realised that our journey has only just begun. We were on route to go and see some owls at the Small Breeds Farm and Owl Centre. We did not take photos of the owls but we urge you to pay them a visit - they are worth it! The owner Jay is nice too - he hosted us at 2am!

Earn your breakfast

We said goodbye to Jay and his owls and started our 13 mile walk towards Weobley to earn our breakfast. We were thrilled by the reward as Stuart from the Salutation Inn greeted us with a full spread of delicious food and even cooked us some fresh bacon butties! 

The Church Walk

It was 8am when we had to forget the temptation of hiring a room and sleeping in the Salutation Inn, and made our way towards Canon Pyon. In an hour and a half we were there, greeted by some of our lovely volunteers with some refreshments. 

Sprint to the finish

We were literally nearly sprinting to the finish line for 10 miles! We were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and the lovely people from Leominster Meeting Centre had promised us CAKE at the finish line! By the way, the lovely doll, hand made and donated to us by a local couple, was named Dorothy. She seemed a lot less exhausted than the other walkers for some reason... 

The Cheque Handover

All of the pain was forgotten in a few weeks when we took the cheque for £755.50 to Leominster Meeting Centre. With our money and the money donated by a few other organisations, it is looking like Leominster Meeting Centre is here to stay. We made some serious efforts to help them, and in return gained some lifetime friendships and knowledge that people visiting the centre can continue to thrive. 

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