The benefits of live-in care

We find that more and more people know about, and are interested in, live-in care as an alternative to residential care. And for good reason, because live-in care can enable individuals or couples to stay in their own home and continue to live their life as normal.

For many people, companionship is an important reason to opt for live-in care. It means that there is someone around for a chat, to go for a walk with, to visit a museum or go to the county show. For others, live-in care might enable them to live a more active life-style or cope with complex medical conditions.  

Many of our live-in carers stay with the same clients for a long time, months or years even, and often a true bond develops that can last a lifetime. 

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Having someone around

Live-in care is a source of companionship, and it can be a comfort to know there is someone around who knows you and who can lend a hand. It is the idea that there is someone to go swimming with, or who can join you for a stroll through town or carry the shopping. For some people, live-in care means that they can do things they may be less inclined to do alone, like going to the cinema, driving to a county show or visiting family.

Support with complex medical conditions

Live-in care can be a solution for people suffering from complex physical conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, or epilepsy. Under such circumstances, a live-in carer can bring peace of mind by taking responsibility for all household chores (including looking after pets), supporting with medical requirements, liaising with health care professionals, and generally being around as a companion.


Stay together

For couples where one of the two is frail or suffers from a medical condition, live-in care can be a great support. Often, a live-in carer is able to take an enormous weight of the shoulders of the spouse or partner, who might struggle to take on all the care requirements around the clock. With an extra pair of ears, eyes and hands in the home, many couples can keep on living together for longer.

In a similar fashion, live-in support allows couples who both require 24-hour support to stay in their own homes. Because they are readily available, our live-in carers are able to attend both partners individually without being pressed for time – they are there just for you, after all. 

Respite care

Sometimes, temporary live-in care can offer relief for people looking after a loved one. Whether it is a few days or several weeks or months, a live-in carer can take over the care and household responsibilities to enable the normal carer to take a break or tend other obligations.

We have seen how live-in care can make an enormous difference to people's lives, and we are very proud of our live-in care service. It is a service that we would wholeheartedly offer to our own fathers, mothers, and friends. 

Most people do not realise that live-in care can be a viable alternative to residential care, in particular for couples. We tailor our live-in care rates to your unique context. Find out more about our rates for live-in care.

Would you like to find out more about our live-in care services? Get in touch and we will call you back for an informal chat in which we can talk it through and answer all your questions. We would love to hear from you! 

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