Our pride and joy - meet our carers!

We are incredibly proud that our carers have built up a reputation for being gentle, non-intrusive, proactive and professional. They come from all walks of life, and many of them have caring in their blood. Some come from a family of care professionals, others have cared for a loved one before joining our team. Want to meet some of those 'incredibles' who make it all happen? Read more...

Kemble at Home wins Care Employer Award

On 12 September 2019, the Award Ceremony for the Hereford Times Health and Social Care Awards took place.

We are very proud that our team was a finalist in three categories:

1) Lorraine was nominated in the Dignity in Care Award

2) Katie was nominated in the Domiciliary Care Worker Award

3) Kemble at Home was nominated in the Care Employer Award

And we managed to take two awards home!

Read more about the Awards

10-or-more-year anniversary for fourteen of our staff!

We are incredibly proud to say that in November 2018,

fourteen of our carers (sixteen if you count our founders, Michael and Sharon King), have been with us for ten or more years

That is one in five of our visiting care staff, one in five have stayed with us for a decade or more!

In fact, some of them have been with us for nearly two decades - they were there when it all began.

That we have got such a loyal team is - to be frank - quite unique in the home care sector, where the majority of care staff tends to leave within the first two years.

Not with us, and we are incredibly proud of having such a loyal team. Keep reading to meet some of our heroes!

Some of our long serving 'veterans'


Carer in the spotlight

Many of our carers have got some amazing life stories to tell. Every month, we will put one of our carers in the spotlight, and try to find out a little bit more about them.

“I felt amazingly happy to have the little queen of the jungle on my lap”

Meet Jin, who is not only a carer in our team but who is also one of our qualified specialists in holistic therapy and massage. Jin can do wonders in making people feel better – in both body and in spirit.


"We'll bumble through this together"

Paul is another one of our carers who has a rather unusual hobby. Very unusual. Quite violent, too, it has to be said. ​But boy does it sound like great fun! 

And he is probably one of the few people who can say they have broken Jamie Oliver's kitchen worktop. And then had to make him a new one.


"When I was a police woman in Rhodesia...."

Everybody knows Gill. Our clients, our staff, everybody who visits or rings our office gets to meet or at least speak to Gill, our ever so calm and gentle receptionist. But not everybody knows what an extraordinary life she has lived. So extraordinary, it is almost hard to wrap your head around.


"There I was, 24 years old, and suddenly I had a three-month old girl to care for"

Carly has been with us for a decade. Or... well... nearly a decade. In addition to spending her days out and about with our clients, she can be found managing our reception one day a week. 


"If only people knew how much I have lived.."

Everybody has a story to tell. And some of us have stories that are a bit more unusual than others. Dawn is one of these people. Read more...

The caring side of a Taekwondo Champion

Luke is not only a very valued member of our team of carers, he is also one of the highest ranked Taekwondo Champions in the world. With a nearly endless collection of world, international, and national titles. Read more...

How we select our staff

Our carers are the cornerstone of who we are, and it is imperative to us that they reflect and ‘live’ our core values. We recruit our staff based on their attitudes and whether they share our beliefs. In addition to being warm, caring and empathetic, we attract people who have an optimistic outlook, always focus on solutions, and who have the energy to just ‘make it happen’.

We want our staff to take initiative, and to have a natural ability to gauge what other people need. They know when to step up and initiate doing something fun like getting fresh air or some exercise, and they know when to sit down for a chat or when to simply be around and blend quietly into the background. Our carers, in other words, have ‘people skills’.

How we train our staff

All our carers receive intensive training before working with clients. We train them in-house with our sister company Kemble Training, which specialises in providing top-notch training for care professionals.

Many of our clients suffer from physical conditions, and an important part of the training focuses on developing relevant knowledge and skills to support with such conditions. Usually, healthcare professionals call this ‘specialist care’. For us, however, it is commonplace that all our carers are thoroughly trained and feel confident to support with complex conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and visual impairments, to name but a few.

That way, you can always remain with your trusted carer, even when circumstances change.


Want to meet our carers in person?


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