You may think the photo of the hiker is not suitable for this topic, but we believe it is the most important part of caring for somebody at the end of their life.


If you wish to climb a mountain, we will help you achieve this. If learning to ride a horse is on the list of things to do, we will find the right person to teach you. If you wish to see Venice, we will organise it and even accompany you if you want us to. Palliative care is about helping you live as well as you possibly can.

Palliative & End-of-Life Care

MYTH:  If I need palliative care, I'll need to go to a hospice, hospital, or a care home. 

It's your choice where and how you wish to receive support, and if your home is where you wish to stay, we can make that happen. 

Live-in Care

If your needs are greater than only a few visits a day, you do not need to go to a hospice or a care home - we can introduce you to a carer who lives with you in your home, providing full time support and companionship. 

Visiting Care

You can request to receive help from any organisation you deem would be the best for your needs. We can arrange to visit you every day to check you are well, or a few times a week to accompany you to appointment and social outings.

This is how we provide

excellent support and care: 

Specialist Team

our domiciliary carers

Our select palliative care team receive extensive training through St Michael's Hospice on palliative care, and are supported on every step by management, enabling them to deal with difficult and emotional situations.

Experience & Knowledge

herefords best homecare provider

We have been supporting and enriching many lives for nearly 25 years. We have been in numerous situations from which we have learned and improved, which is why we are equipped to assist you as well as your family.

Working In Partnership

domiciliary care clients

Working alongside other specialists is imperative when it comes to supporting individuals with complex needs. As well as GPs and nurses, we also work in partnership with organisations like Yeleni, who can offer 9 complementary treatments for anyone living with cancer. 

Aftercare Service

When receiving palliative or end-of-life care, you may start thinking about what happens with your loved ones when you are no longer here, as well as who is going to take care of the administrative side of things. 

For this purpose, we have designed Aftercare Service, through which we offer house cleaning, sorting through your belongings, calling of the relevant organisations,  and most importantly, looking after your loved ones.

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