25 March 2020

As a home care provider, we play a vital role in supporting those who are vulnerable to catching the virus and who have been asked to stay at home, as well as those who are recovering from a stay in the hospital.


Our attitude


Our carers have been working tirelessly and selflessly to support those who need help. We have taken several measures to protect our staff and our clients (see below), and we will continue to support anybody who needs assistance.


In the coming period, we will recruit substantial numbers of carers, so that we can assist the NHS and relieve some of the pressure on the hospitals. Not only will we be able to support those who are staying at home, we will also be able to assist NHS Discharge teams by enabling those who have been released from the hospital to recover safely at home.


How we can help


We can support people in several ways.

  • Running errands, including collecting medicines from pharmacies or doing the shopping.

  • Helping out with daily householding tasks, including cleaning, cooking, and laundry.

  • Driving people to GP appointments or collecting them from the hospital.

  • Supporting with medication, mobility, or personal care like washing, eating, and toileting.

  • Keeping people company during these difficult times.


How we make sure we keep our clients and staff safe


We are closely guided by the government and the UK Home Care Association (UKHCA), who provide detailed guidance on the actions we need to take to keep our clients and staff safe. For instance,

  • If a staff member has symptoms of COVID-19 they follow NHS guidance, which may include self-isolating.

  • If a client has symptoms of COVID-19, we minimise the risk of transmission through safe working procedures, including the use of personal protective equipment like gloves, aprons, and face masks.

  • If a client does not have symptoms but a member of their household does, we use additional safe working procedures where needed (i.e., if our client and staff cannot maintain a safe distance from the person with symptoms). 


For more detailed guidance for home care providers, read

We are determined to offer every support to the NHS and anybody who has been affected by the coronavirus.

If you have any questions, please send us an email via or call us at 01432 352 443.