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How our Kemble PA works

Most home care providers arrange all care from a main office. It is very unusual to have ‘your own’ carer, who helps arrange your support. Normally, if you want to receive a visit, you ring the provider’s office, and the office finds you an available carer. You may have met this carer before, or you may not have. You may have a different carer every time.

This way, home care becomes very impersonal, inflexible, and leaves you completely out of control about who supports you, when, and how.

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This is not how we work. We want our clients to feel they are in control, that they matter, and that they can build a relationship with their carer. In turn, we want our carers to know they are trusted and supported, and that they have autonomy to decide with the client how to they want to work together.

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1. You select your own Kemble PA


The core of our approach is that you get to choose the carer you trust to become your Kemble PA. It is absolutely paramount that you feel comfortable with your PA, so that you can build a personal relationship and they can get to know your routines, what to look out for, and how you like to work with them.


2. Your Kemble PA becomes your key contact

Your Kemble PA takes charge of organising your support. No need to contact an office employee, simply discuss directly with your Kemble PA what you would like done and when, and they will make it happen.  


3. Your PA coordinates your support team

Depending on how many weekly visits you wish to receive, you may have only one carer – your Kemble PA – or we may create a small team of carers for you.


Your Kemble PA leads your team and may select members they believe you would get on with. Your team works closely together to make sure they can respond quickly and find swift, creative solutions to support you as best as they can.

4. We look after your Kemble PA, so that they can do what they do best

Our job as a company is to make sure your carers have everything they need to excel in their roles. They have their own team manager in the office, who is there to answer questions and support where needed.

We keep things simple and minimise paperwork for our carers, so that they can focus completely on you. We train them extensively, we hold regular team meetings to discuss how we can best support our clients, and we encourage them to trust their professional instinct.

We employ all our carers

Whereas PAs are traditionally self-employed, your Kemble PA is employed with us. This means that you don’t have the stress of having to recruit, select, and employ your own PA, and our staff have the security and benefits that come with employment.

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Think a Kemble PA might be right for you?

Are you interested to hear more about Visiting Care and our Kemble PAs, and would you like to find out whether it might work for you?  


We would be delighted to have a chat with you on the phone to answer your questions. Call us now, or write a message and we'll call you back!


Would you like to hear more about Live-in Care?

Live-in Care can be an economical alternative to residential care. A carer comes to live with you, in your own home, and is available to help out around the clock.

Are you not sure which service would suit you best? Give us a ring or leave us a message and we will get in touch with you!

See our carers in Hereford

Would you like to get to know our staff?

Our carers are amazing individuals, and we like to put them in the spotlight. ​

Meet some of them, just to give you an idea of what type of people work with us. You'll find that they all have a story to tell. 


Read more about our staff

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