Who is Live-in for?

Almost anyone...

Live-in is a tailored service for individuals or couples, it can take whatever shape is needed. Below is an introduction to 3 of our clients and the type of support we supply.


Many of our clients have no traditional care needs. They look for the security of knowing that someone is there just in case, for companionship, and to have someone to enable them to remain independent.


We believe that one-to-one care, in an individual's home, is the best way to keep memories & skills alive for as long as possible. We've helped clients with both advanced and early-onset dementia.


Our team receive specialist training to enable them to support a range of conditions, including end-of-life, palliative, Parkinson's, MS, post-stroke and many others. They'll work alongside other healthcare professionals to provide suitable and person-centred support.


A former dentist, Alan suffers from advanced dementia and needs help with a range of activities, including administering medication & personal care. He struggles to recognise friends and family, though he still enjoys spending time in his garden and playing the piano. It's easy to assume that Alan is unable to look after himself at all, however, the carer's goal is to continue to prompt and motivate Alan to remain as independent as possible, feeding & dressing himself and continuing his hobbies.

Mrs Grantham

Mrs Grantham lives alone in a rural cottage, and if you met her you'd wonder why she needed any "care" at all.  Her family live away (though they talk more often now Mrs Grantham has discovered Skype!) and were concerned about her living alone in such an isolated location after she damaged her hip in a recent fall. A former artist, she still paints and sketches, and we were able to match her with a carer who shared these interests. The carer provides valuable security and peace of mind for Mrs Grantham and her family, as well as offering a valuable chauffeur service for her many coffee mornings and activities.

Mr and Mrs Thompson

A former shopkeeper and interior designer, Mr and Mrs Thompson have lived in the same village cottage for over 40 years (about 10 years less than they've been married). Mr Thompson, now in his 90s, is quite frail and struggles to get around. His wife is recovering from a recent stroke so is no longer able to assist her husband. Their children were concerned that they were no longer coping and were looking into Residential Care, however, this would have meant Mr and Mrs Thompson being separated. Live-in meant that being able to stay at home, together.

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