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Meet our live-in carers

We are sure you will love our live-in carers. They are our pride and joy, the stars who make it all happen. We are very proud that we are a strong and loyal team - many of our carers have been with us for years, some for more than a decade even.

How we recruit and train our live-in carers

All our live-in carers are employed with us, which means that you don’t have the worry of having to recruit and employ your own live-in carer, and they have the security and benefits that come with employment.

We are a company with a strong, positive culture, and we recruit live-in carers on the basis of their attitude and approach. We always look for positive, can-do, solution-focused individuals, who are keen to learn and determined to make the best out of every day

Contact our

live-in care team


01432 382017

Before they start to work, our live-in carers go through a comprehensive training programme. If a client has specific requirements, for instance due to a rare medical condition, we can offer the live-in carers specialist training in that particular area.

We describe our recruitment and training programme in more detail in the ‘Live-in carers’ section.

Live-in carer profiles

We go out of our way to match our clients with a carer who they naturally get on with and trust. We often recruit a live-in carer specifically to match a particular client. For example, we sometimes find that people with Dementia revert to speaking their native tongue, and we have had great successes matching clients with carers who speak their original language.

Allow us to introduce you to some, not all, of our live-in carers. We have people of different plumage in our team, ranging from semi-professional bakers and cooks to competent athletes, gardeners, or world-travellers. Everybody has a story to tell. 

Anna - live-in carer


Anna has been with us since 2019. She has a keen interest in arts and crafts and reading, and she loves animals.

Ffion - live-in carer


Originally from Swansea, Ffion has recently moved to Herefordshire. She enjoys reading, cooking, and likes to look on the bright side of life.

Frauke - live-in carer


Frauke is originally from Germany. Before she became a live-in carer, she used to run a Guest House in South Africa, so she knows all about giving people a good day.

Jacqui - live-in carer


Jacqui has worked in the healthcare sector for more than 30 years. She used to work as a chef in a pub and restaurant, and loves to cook

Who supports the live-in carers?

All our live-in carers are supported by their own live-in care manager in the office, who touches base with them regularly to ensure they have everything they need to excel at their job.


The live-in care manager along with the Head of Live-in are also an important point of contact for our clients: they are the ones who ensure our live-in clients are matched with the right carer and they make sure everything is running smoothly.

Marisa - live-in care team manager


Marisa started as a carer in our Visiting Care team, where she stood out for her leadership and motivational skills. She was keen to develop her talents, which resulted in her becoming one of our most respected induction trainers and - more recently - one of our Live-in Team Managers.

She is also quite a dare-devil with a rather peculiar hobby - she loves roller coasters! Her daughter Tiani is a popular guest in the office, who often visits to bring some sunshine (and tell us what to do). 



Kelly joined Kemble in August 2022. She has worked in the health care sector for almost 20 years. She has a wealth of experience including setting up an award winning Keep Safe Scheme for Gloucestershire to help people with disabilities as well as a setting a community-based dementia support service, working as part of the community nursing team for Marie Curie and as a Dementia Awareness Advisor Manager.  Most recently Kelly has been an area manager for a large domiciliary company covering 5 counties. 

Kelly also volunteers, organising large dementia friendly tea dances, has completed the London marathon, climbed Ben Nevis and taken part in a sky dive, all to raise money for the Alzheimer’s society and Marie Curie Cancer Care. In her spare time you will find Kelly in her canoe on the River Wye, or at home with her Pygmy goats, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs.

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