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PK & Liza - Care in Hereford

Our approach

We do much more than deliver home care. We want to make people’s lives more interesting, more exciting, and more fun. We want our clients and our staff to finish the day thinking, “this was a good day”.

We know we can make that possible. Our carers are the best, by some way. They love their clients, they love their jobs, and they are good at it. They are the stars who make it happen; our role as a company is to give them everything they need to excel for our clients.

In practice, this means that we put the relationship between our clients and their carers above anything else. We make sure our clients are matched with a carer (or carers) that they like and trust, and we don’t get in the way of that relationship.


For us, the enjoyment is in getting the best out of others – our clients as well as our carers – and in making each day a pleasure for all involved.

Live-in carer

Our principles

Our approach rests on a handful of principles that shape everything we do. We live and breathe them; framed copies hang in every room in our office. Our principles help us find solutions, they help us recruit the best staff, and frankly, they help us be better people.

We ask ‘why’. We always go back to why we do what we do. With each step we ask ourselves: does this make life better for our clients and carers? If the answer is ‘No’, we find a different way of doing it.


We keep it simple. Life is complex enough as it is. We think ‘simple’ is easier to understand, easier to communicate, easier to improve, and easier to remember.

We trust people. Feeling trusted brings out the best in all of us. We give people the space and confidence to make decisions and mistakes, encouraging them to trust their instincts.


We start with ‘yes’.  We believe that anything is possible. We are optimistic and creative, we love new ideas, and we focus on solutions.


We keep learning. We want to be better than we were yesterday. We don’t get stuck in our ways, we learn from each other and we learn from our mistakes.

Find out how we can help

Kemble PA - personal care assistant

Visiting care is, in plain terms, support by the hour. Your Kemble PA comes and visit you, as and when you need it, as long as necessary. Whether that is an hour in the morning to help with the morning routine, several short visits a day or the better part of the day, visiting care is completely adaptable to your situation.


Our approach to visiting care is unique, and we are sure you will love it. 

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Hereford live-in care

Live-in care is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. A carer comes to live with you and is available to help both day and night. Live-in care can be an alternative to residential care, and can be an attractive option for people suffering from physical conditions that require ongoing attention like Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

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