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It’s official: You can be happy whatever your age

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A new report by Age UK has confirmed what our carers here at Kemble at Home see on a daily basis - that you can be happy whatever your age.

The charity analysed 15,000 people aged 60 and over as part of its ‘Wellbeing in Later Life Index’ and the results are very interesting indeed.

In short, the project found that having a diverse range of interests and good social opportunities are far more important to your wellbeing than your age. So an 80-year-old who sees some friends once a week and enjoys listening to music is likely to be happier than a 60-year-old who does neither.

It backs up our feeling here at Kemble at Home that giving elderly people the opportunity to socialise and engage in activities is absolutely vital for their happiness.

Publishing the Age UK report, charity director Caroline Abrahams, said: “The good news from our Index is that age need not be a barrier to wellbeing and that there are things we can all do to make life better for individual older people, for our older population as a whole and indeed for ourselves as we age. “Being positive and open, willing to try out new things, and engaged with what’s going on around us turns out to be incredibly important in sustaining our wellbeing as we get older. Things like playing the piano, singing or dancing all seem to do a lot to help.”

One of the main priorities for Kemble at Home is to actively encourage our clients to try out new activities, and we are hoping to be able to offer more opportunities on a regular basis in the future.

That’s why we are delighted to be teaming up with some fantastic charities and organisations in Herefordshire, like the Yeleni Therapy and Support Centre, to start building links for the benefit of everyone.

As Age UK say, staying fit, active and sociable is the best way to enjoy a happy and contented life - whatever your age!

You can view the Age UK report here -

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