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Come and join us on our walking marathon!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Come and join us on our walking marathon!

A team of intrepid hikers from Kemble at Home are tackling a 24-hour walking challenge to help save a vital dementia centre in Leominster.

We are raising money to help fund Leominster Meeting Centre, which provides fantastic support for people living with dementia but is unfortunately likely to close at the end of August.

We think the centre provides a vital service and hope that by raising as much money as possible we can help to keep it open beyond August, which is when its statutory funding stops.

So we have come up with a pretty tough challenge - a 24-hour walk of just under 60 miles, starting and finishing at Leominster Meeting Centre.

The route is divided into six walks, and we are hoping lots of people will come and join us, even if just to wave us off at the starting line.

The marathon walk will start at 1pm on Tuesday, May 23, and finish at 1pm on Wednesday, May 24.

You can look at the routes and get all of the details here -

Anyone wishing to make a donation can visit

Sandra Taylor, business and marketing manager at Kemble at Home, came up with the idea and will be taking on the whole 24-hour walking challenge.

She says: “It’s going to be tough but I am sure with the support of people joining us along the way we will do it.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has agreed to man the stop points and refreshments and so on during the marathon challenge, along with the people who have agreed to let us stop at their premises.

“I am hoping for lots of people to come along and either join us on the walk, or come to Leominster Meeting Centre at 1pm on May 23 to see us off, and then again at 1pm on May 24 to welcome us back!”

For more information, visit

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