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Our Men Are Growing Mos For Movember

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The hard truth is that cancer can affect anyone - men, women and sadly, even children. Our loved ones battle with different types of cancer, and we often see them dying too young. Cancer often beats those with a huge desire to live, with plans for the future, leaving them and the people around them feeling helpless and with very little sense of control. That feeling of not being able to help can drive one mad, but just because there are many we could not help in the past, it does not mean the future cannot be brighter.

We believe in the future where everyone can beat cancer, and that includes our men, who too often get diagnosed with testicular or prostate cancer.

In November some of our men have started growing a big bushy moustache to raise awareness and money for Movember Foundation - a charity helping our men live longer.

We have six contestants growing their mos:

Kemble At Home - Movember challenge

Who do you think will grow the biggest, bushiest beard?

These men are all doing everything possible to grow their mos, but you can support them by donating money towards their cause. You can donate here.

And a bit of advice for the men out there: don't forget to check yourself. KNOW THY NUTS.

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