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’10-or-more years anniversary’ for 14 employees!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Home care company Kemble at Home is celebrating that fourteen of its staff members have been with the company at least ten years. At an evening of celebrations, the long-serving members were put in the spotlight and thanked for their incredible loyalty and service over the last decade.

In fact, some celebrated not one, but two decades with Kemble at Home: Mrs. Susan Gardner has been with the company for twenty years this month, and she is closely followed by others who are approaching twenty years of service soon.

The fact that so many staff have been with the company for so long is an exception in the home care sector, where staff turnover is traditionally very high. Peter King, director of Kemble at Home, “One in five of our visiting care staff has now been with us for more than a decade. We are very proud that those who joined us when we started are still with us today. We see it as a great compliment and we try our best to look after our staff as well as we look after our clients.”

Mrs. Sharp (10 years), “It has been a real pleasure working with Kemble at Home all these years, it is a very nice team and the carers do an extraordinary job. I feel very welcome here.”

Michael and Sharon King, who founded Kemble at Home 25 years ago, joined the celebrations and handed the loyal workers some well deserved presents.

Among those celebrating are Paul Rollinson (10 years); Gill Sharp (10 years); Julia Sherapita (11 years); Gill Ricketts (13 years); Berenice Holder (13 years); Liza Gawler (13 years); Tracey Thomas (13 years); Lisa Saunders (15 years); Pam Beddow (16 years); David Lewer (16 years); Jane Knott (17 years); Tracey Karen (18 years); Sara Lindesay (19 years); Susan Gardner (20 years).


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