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‘Music Memories’ to promote well-being

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It is well known that music can have a positive effect on people’s well-being. It is good for our health, our heart, and it can put us in a good mood. Which is why Kemble at Home,

launches ‘Music Memories’, a new programme to encourage people to explore the health benefits of music.

Seeing is believing

The effect of music on the human brain can be almost miraculous. Jason Walker, who runs the Music Memories programme at Kemble at Home: “There have been cases where people with severe dementia, who were unable to communicate, suddenly were able to sing along to music of their younger years. It is quite incredible.”

Musical associations

The Music Memories programme uses playlists to awaken memories of happy times. Mr Walker: “It is a huge privilege to watch people come out of their shells and really light up when they recognise a tune.” But it is not just listening to music that can make a difference. Mr. Walker: “We sing, we use instruments, and we generally just enjoy the music together.”

Well-being service

Music Memories is part of a new Well-Being Service by Kemble at Home. The home care provider now also offers hairdressing, massage therapy and holistic therapy as part of its services. The new service will be kickstarted on Thursday 7 June with our free WELL-BEING EVENT.

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