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Carer in the Spotlight: Di

Herefordshire roots

Di, one of 6 siblings, has been used to the hustle and bustle of a large family. Growing up in the Herefordshire countryside with extended family living nearby she has felt extremely supported. Her strong family values meant that she moved in with her parents when her dad became ill, caring for her dad before he passed away and giving practical and emotional support to her mum. 

Personal experience caring for family members

This first-hand experience of caring for her parents in their home has given her valuable insight into her work as a carer.  And this experience continues to shape the way she interacts with people; as she sees how important it is for people to remain at home. Di has plenty of care experience from her younger days, with a career that has spanned decades in beauty therapy as well as time working in a care home, Di has always enjoyed the interaction with people and has loved the relationships that she has built up over years.

A Kemble carer sitting with one of her clients at a local restaurant

Di with one of her regular clients

“I think my skill is talking and seeing what people need emotionally”

A great ethos

Di began working with Kemble in 2020. Her daily work is varied it starting 8am after dropping her son off. She recognises that each person is individual and is ready to adapt to what they want and not what she thinks. She knows that everyone has good days and bad days; and feels that she has become like family going into their houses.  Di knows that the team is important, she mentions that each carer cares deeply about the people they support and have their best interests at heart. She stressed how important it is that people have variety of carers; each bring their own unique skills and personalities.

Favourite parts of care work

When I asked Di what her favourite part of caring is she summed it up like this “It’s just trying to make life nice for the person, for them to feel comfortable in their own home. I like building a relationship with them and working with them. Hopefully I’ve done something positive.” She goes on to say that sometimes her job is simply being quiet with someone…not needing to do anything. She reflects that we all can have grumpy days and people might need to share their frustrations; just have someone there to listen can be a much needed outlet

“We didn’t know the person before when they were completely capable. Someone who was very capable is suddenly now not able to do things they want; that can be hard for them. You can understand any frustrations, because really, they want to do everything themselves as they did before. They are happy with the care but the would rather not need it.”

Outside of work

Outside of work Di still uses her beauty therapy skills to give a much needed boost to others. She has clients that she has been going to for years and she can see the changes that is makes. She is trying to have more time off too; “to clear the devastation at home” she laughs! She enjoys socialising with friends, spending time with her family. She is trying to go running again and keen to lose a bit of weight. She is looking forward to travelling back to Australia to visit her sister who has been living in Brisbane for 18 years, revisiting her short stint of working in Sydney and Brisbane in her twenties.  And then she has plans to one day build her own home on her field.

Final thoughts

Talking with Di has given me a little glimpse into her kind hearted nature and in her understanding of people. She has a depth and warmth and is realistic allowing others to be fully themselves. It was an absolute pleasure to chat with her and I can see why her clients look forward to her daily visits.

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