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Carer in the Spotlight: Jess

“Tonight, Matthew, I am going to be....”

hi all,

My name is Jess and I have been working with Kemble for just over five years. Time flies when you’re having fun, either that or I am paying for my sins, ha ha.

I’m originally from Wolverhampton but moved here when I was about five. I am one of six children, I’m number four and I have two sisters and three very annoying brothers… Only joking - we are all annoying according to our mum. Jokes aside we are all really close and get on really well.


Unfortunately, back in 2009 we lost our sister No. 3 in the line-up and it really did hit us hard, it still does to this day. But having to deal with a loss in the family like that has made us closer as a result.

Jess is a care rin Hereford

Keeping busy!

Hereford carer - Jess

I love to learn new skills or advance in the skills I do have. I’m a bit of a nightmare really if I fancy doing something, even if life is hectic. Once I get an idea in my head I’ll just go and do it.


The other day for example, I was cooking tea and while I was waiting, I decided the top of the fridge needed cleaning. One thing led to another and I ended up cleaning the fridge and painting the wall behind it. I suppose if you want a job done you’ve got to do it properly!

As I said, I love to learn and I have done a variety of courses, such as Web Design, Reiki, Silversmithing, NVQs in Health and Social Care – the most recent course I have finished was a Business and Administration Course. I am really finding it hard not to do another one, but I am just trying to focus on doing up my house first.

I am never bored – between work, learning and having a 3-year old I am always on the go. That is the best way to be I think, even though sometimes I look like I haven’t slept for a week. The suitcases under my eyes are a big give-away.

I love music, I always have and I always will. I can remember when I was younger (primary school), I was always playing some kind of instrument. Usually the recorder – my parents loved me. 😊


I also played the trumpet and at some point, I think it was when I was about 11, I really fell in love with the piano – which I continued to play throughout high school.


I love singing too, my problem is my confidence but with a little bit of peer pressure and a tipple or two I will get on a Karaoke machine quicker than a cashier from Aldi scans your shopping.

Jess - Hereford based care
Stars in their eyes

Tonight, Matthew....

In fact, a few years ago, in my life before Kemble, I worked at a Jewellery shop in Hereford. Every so often we had a Ladies Night or New Product Launch evenings, and quite often we used those nights to raise money for a local charity – The Little Princess Trust.

And this is where “Tonight, Matthew, I am going to be” comes in. One day, we decided to organise a “Stars in Their Eyes” night. Each employee had to dress up like an artist, sing a song and have it recorded.


People could vote online for their favourite performance, and we agreed that the ones with the most and the least votes had to perform live at the Launch Party.

Who was I? I was…. Amy Winehouse, with the song Valerie. See the photo. (Don’t judge the photo, I was a bit bigger back then.)


I instantly regretted asking all my family and friends to vote for me, once I had to stand in front of about 50 people and sing the song! But it was a for a really good cause and it was a good team experience.

What am I doing at the moment?

I don’t really have much planned at the moment, I would really like to do some kind of obstacle course raining race in 2020, so I think this year’s focus is to get fitter and maybe get one of my brothers to boost me (they are ex-army).

Sorry If I bored you all but I wasn’t quite sure what to say. 😊



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