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Carer in the Spotlight: Mary

We bring a bit of comfort and happiness

By Jenny

“We make a difference to people’s lives, it’s a worthwhile satisfying job”

I first met Mary sitting in her summer house with the sun streaming in, surrounded by photos of her grandchildren and a few cards that they had made for her. The first impression I had of her was that she was extremely kind, caring and warm. Here was a woman who knew what she wanted and her focus was on doing something meaningful; supporting others. She applied to be a visiting carer for the Ledbury team and 9 months on Mary is happily working for the clients that live in and around Ledbury; we are delighted that she is part of the Kemble team.

A full face photo of Mary a Kemble carer

Mary had a long career working in a busy doctors’ surgery. She was dealing with people all the time. “I always treat people as I want to be treated. I want to be smiled at, so I smile at others. I love people. I am a people’s person” Mary always knew that she would go into care after she retired from her job. She had a stint as a private live-in carer helping one lady towards the end of her life and really enjoyed it. After that lady passed away, Mary continued to help a few other people regularly. She saw the Kemble ad and knew that this could fit in well with her commitments and decided to contact us.

Mary, a Kemble carer with her grandson on her shoulders

Mary with one of her grandchildren

Caring by nature

From the moment I get up, I am greeted by clients. When I leave I can see a change – however long I stay. I almost feel guilty leaving. There are lots of lonely people around. We all bring a bit of comfort and happiness and help.


Mary loves seeing people and knowing that she is helping them. She is reducing the loneliness and the isolation that many people feel and practically supports them in their day to day lives.

Mary’s job is varied and every day is different. As a carer there are so many different jobs to do.  Mary listed the tasks that she had done just that day which include assisting with personal care, washing, tidying round the house, helping someone get ready for the day, feeding the cat, cleaning cupboards.  On other days she might be gardening or shopping; she says it very much depends on what someone wants doing. She is led by the person she is caring for.

Her favourite part of the job is the personal care. “I like getting people to feel better, tidying them up, feeding them up.  Trying to make them feel better. You do see some sorry sights when you go in. And then when you go away they are happier.”

Working for Kemble

Mary appreciates working with Kemble there is more time. “There is more time to do your job to the best of your ability” she says.  She doesn’t want to rush off and enjoys spending extra time, sometimes in her own time with the people she supports. She has built really good relationships with her clients and always finished by asking if there is anything else she can help with.  

Outside of work

When she is not working, Mary enjoys spending time with her grandchildren who come to her once every week. Her mum lives nearby and stays with Mary at the weekends. Mary loves walking and walks dogs for friends, extending this to dog sitting when her friends need her to.  


She admits that she has the perfect balance of everything. Work, family and friends and hopes to be able to do this for quite some years. So do we Mary!

close up image of a carer holding hands with another on their lap
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