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Kemble at Home - office team

Our office team

We go out of our way to make sure that our carers have the freedom and the space to do what they do best - making other people's life easier. We have a wonderful team in the office, who are there to support our carers and take as much weight of their shoulders as possible, so that they can focus completely on our clients. 

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Our Visiting Care Team

Our Kemble PA team (Visiting Care)

To ensure that we can match clients with carers from their own community, we have divided our carers into regional teams.


Each team is supported by a team manager and care co-ordinator in the office. They are there to help our carers and make their life as easy as possible.  We try to minimise the amount of paperwork our carers have to do, and our visiting team play an important role in arranging visits, answering questions, and in general helping carers and clients where they can.

Our team managers come from different backgrounds - they range from semi-pro bakers to taekwondo blackbelts, hand bell musical performers to brownie leaders. 

Sarah - South and west team manager


South and West Team Manager

Sarah started as a carer with Kemble after finishing her degree, working alongside her role as a student support worker in a high school. Sarah progressed to an on-call manager with Kemble and moved to the office as South and West Team Manager. Sarah loves spending time at home and adores her Japanese Akita Inu called Keiko.        

Natassja Pic.png


Care Co-ordinator for South and West teams

Natassja works supporting South and West and also looks after on-call (in case someone needs to phone when the office is closed) She lives with her husband and two children and they have a pet cat called Ninja. Natassja has travelled widely and has climbed Table Mountain, dived with sharks and walked with lions in a small town in Zimbabwe.

Jason - Head of training and development


RM & Ledbury and East Team Manager

Jason has worn many hats at Kemble and is back to his first love managing the Ledbury and East Team ably assisted by Carly. Together they have 18 years at Kemble.

Carly - receptionist


Care Co-ordinator for East and Ledbury teams

Carly supports Ledbury and East Team.  She lives with her husband and sons Harry and Jack. In fact, you might have seen her cycling through town, or splashing around in the pool with the boys. We are very proud to have been able to keep her with us for a long time already – she has been a valued member of our team for about a decade now! 

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Our Live-in Care Team

Our live-in carers have their own support base in the office - our live-in care managers touch base with them and their clients regularly to ensure that all is going smoothly and to discuss whether there is anything that we can do to help.

They play an important role when support begins: they are the ones who ensure our live-in clients are matched with the right carer. They introduce the two to each other and organise 'meet and greets' where clients and carers can meet each other to decide whether they would be happy with each other's company. And once care started, they are there to offer plenty of support along the way.



Head of Live-in Care & Recruitment

Kelly joined Kemble in August 2022. She has worked in the health care sector for over 20 years, and has a wealth of  care experience. Kelly organises large dementia friendly tea dances, has completed the London marathon, climbed Ben Nevis and taken part in a sky dive, all to raise money for the Alzheimer’s society and Marie Curie Cancer Care. In her spare time, you will find Kelly in her canoe on the River Wye, or at home with her Pygmy goats, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs.

Marisa - Live-in team manager


Live-in Team Manager

Marisa started as a carer in our Visiting Support team, where she stood out for her leadership and motivational skills. She was keen to develop her talents, which resulted in her becoming one of our most respected induction trainers and now works as our Live-in Team Manager.

She is also quite a dare-devil with a rather peculiar hobby - she loves roller coasters! The faster and higher, the better. Her daughter Tiani is a popular guest in the office, who often comes to bring some sunshine (and tell us what to do). 

Our Quality Control


 Head of Training and Development

As Head of Training and Development, Jason ensures that our carers are fully trained and supported so they can meet the highest possible standards. He also develops and runs some of more bespoke training, for instance on caring for clients with dementia.

Jason is - by some way - the most musically talented of our office staff. He initiated our Music Memories programme, which encourages people to explore the health benefits of music. He also plays the organ for local churches and leads a hand-bell ringing ensemble.

Jason - Head of training and development

Our beloved bean counters

We wouldn't be where we are now without our financial team, who keep a close eye on all the stats and the figures and who tell us exactly what works and doesn't work. 

Kate profile photo_edited_edited.jpg


Finance and Facilities Manager

Kate moved to Herefordshire from Poland in 2004 with her husband. They have two boys, Kacper and Alek who are well and truly Herefordians. Kate loves bird watching and always has her binoculars on standby by the back door. She has a wealth of experience having worked in Hereford Courtyard Theatre in the Finance department.

Caith - head of finance and facilities


Head of Finance & Facilities

Caith joined us to help keep the money coming in and going out, and to make sure we don't run out of heating oil. Outside of work Caith buys too many books (if that is possible), supports Liverpool FC and is learning Spanish in an effort to keep up with her nephew and nieces (but suspects she's already way behind).

Keeping everything ticking

Alison - HR and quality administrator


HR and Quality Administrator

Alison works with our teams to ensure that our HR and general administration run smoothly and that our services meet the highest quality standards. In a previous life, Alison owned & managed a Cattery. She is the Chair of the Warwickshire South & East RSPCA Branch, a devout member of the Kemble pub quiz team, and mother to two dogs - Hollie & Hattie.

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Keeping an eye on the future...

Kemble at Home is led by Dominic King, who took over the business in 2021 from his brother, who in turn took over from his parents in 2009 when Michael and Sharon King chose to retire. 

Peter - Kemble at home director
Dominic - Kemble at home chief executive



Peter took over the business - then known as Kemble Care - from his parents in 2009. Prior to that, he was trained as a Royal Engineer before he set up 'Outspoken', a cycling courier and training business in Cambridge with his brother Rob (who still runs it today).


Peter is a passionate runner and has been known to do long-distance mountain races up to 100 miles (which most of us would say is a little extreme). He spends most of his weekends battling the brambles in his family's garden or doing up an old railway carriage that he rescued from a farmer's field.


Chief Executive

Dominic took over the day to day running of business from Peter in 2021. Prior to joining Kemble, Dominic had a varied career as a civil servant, which included supporting the successful sale of British Steel in 2020 and running the Secretary of State’s for Business’ office during the Covid pandemic, leading on the business support schemes, workplace guidance and the purchasing of vaccines. 


Dominic has recently moved to Ledbury with his wife, and son. He is a keen tennis player, open water swimmer and enjoys mowing his lawn!

Our founders (and moral support)

Michael & Sharon King

Michael and Sharon King


We are, and have always been, a family business. In 1993, Michael and Sharon King set up Kemble Care, supporting local people around Hereford with their daily activities.

Some 25 years later, Kemble Care is known as Kemble at Home and run by Michael and Sharon's son Peter, while they spend their time enjoying 'the slow life' in their home in the hills near Hereford.

Michael and Sharon will always have a strong emotional connection with the business and they are still a great source of inspiration to us today.

Find out how we can help

Kemble PA - personal care assistance

Visiting care is, in plain terms, support by the hour. Your Kemble PA comes and visit you, as and when you need it, as long as necessary. Whether that is an hour in the morning to help with the morning routine, several short visits a day or the better part of the day, visiting care is completely adaptable to your situation.


Our approach to visiting care is unique, and we are sure you will love it. 

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Live-in care in Hereford

Live-in care is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. A carer comes to live with you and is available to help both day and night. Live-in care can be an alternative to residential care, and can be an attractive option for people suffering from physical conditions that require ongoing attention like Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

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