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Our well-being services

Wouldn't it be lovely if your hairdresser would come to you, so that you don't have to get out and visit the salon? Or have you always thought that a massage is something you can only have at a fancy spa resort? 

Nothing is further from the truth. We come to you, and we spoil you in your own home. Treat yourself to a massage, get your hair done, go on an excursion or a day out, or sip a cup of tea while the gardener gets your roses ready for the next season. 

There is nothing complicated about it, it is all part of your familiar package. We offer a range of well-being treatments, all designed to make you feel better and make your life a bit easier. Let us know what you would like and when, and we will make it happen. It is as simple as that.

Massage therapy

Massage is proven to have amazing health benefits. It reduces your heart rate, improves circulation, and reduces swelling. Sit back and relax while your body gets refreshed. 

Hairdressing services

How about a fresh coupe for the summer, or a stylish cut for a special event? Our qualified hairdressers come and give your hair a treat in your own home. 

Music Memories

Did you known that music can do wonders to keep our brains fit and healthy? We sing, listen, and play music with you to bring back those happy memories. And it is great fun!

Cleaning & Laundry

Did you know that we can also do your cleaning and laundry for you? Why not ask your carer to do the ironing, and enjoy their company at the same time! 

Appointments & Daytrips

Getting out can be so much easier when you’re together. We accompany you to your appointments, support you staying active in the community, and join you on day-trips. 

Home & Garden

Some of our team have got talented green fingers. Why not let us take care of the weeds, so that you can enjoy your flowers. Watch your garden flourish. 

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