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What does a Kemble Live-in carer cost?

Applicable from 1 Jan 2023


Rates for Live-in Support Applicable from April 2022 With Live-in Support, one of our team comes to live with you, in your own home, and can help out day and night. Our live-in carers work an agreed average number of hours per 24-hour period. We will agree together with you whether you will receive 10, 11, or 12 hours of support on average per day. The rates for the different options are as follows

For Individuals: Daily Rates
10 hours daily

11 hours daily

12 hours daily







Daily average hours
For Couples: Daily Rates

Holiday rates. For visit on public holidays, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, we charge 50% above the standard weekday rates; for visits on Christmas Eve (from Noon), Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve (from Noon) and New Year’s Day we charge double the standard weekday rates.

Travel costs – per visit. We don’t charge travel costs for clients living within Hereford City. For those further afield, we calculate a fee per visit that is based on distance from Hereford City, to cover our staff’s travel costs and their travel time. We will confirm these travel costs in writing before starting support.


Travel costs – when requested by clients. When our staff make travel costs on request of the client (e.g. for outings or errands), we charge 40 pence per mile to cover their costs.


Conditions. To find out in detail how we operate, please see our ‘Terms and Conditions’.

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