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What drives us?

At Kemble at Home, we like to think we are rather unique. Why? We know that an outstanding service can only stem from an equally outstanding company culture, and we work hard to create a place where everybody – our staff as well as our clients – can feel safe, valued, and understood.

For us, having a great company culture means several things. It means that we want our clients to look forward to our next visit, we want our carers and office staff to enjoy coming to work, and we want our partners and friends to enjoy working together with us.


Essentially, we want people to go to bed in the evening, thinking, “This was a good day”, and we are convinced we can help make that happen.


Every day, we challenge ourselves to be positive and open minded, to find solutions, and to stand and live by our principles. For us, the enjoyment comes from doing something good for someone else, from getting the best out of people and making each day a pleasure for all involved.


We dare to say we have good attitude. And we are very proud that it has won us an ‘Outstanding for Caring’ rating by CQC and the Care Employer Award at both the Great British Care Awards and the Hereford Times Awards in 2019.

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