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We provide Live-in Care so you can remain at home

Live-in Care

Live-in Care
Send Marisa and Kelly a message, they will get back to you soon 

Live-in Care

24h in home care

Are you looking for 24-hour care in the home?

We understand you would prefer to stay in your own home, surrounded by your familiar things, doing what you want, when you want, and current circumstances mean that you need extra support to do just this.

Would you like a friendly person to talk to about your healthcare at home needs?


Kelly has been in the care industry for over 25 years and she has also cared for her own family, specifically supporting with dementia. She works closely with Marissa who has 7 years experience in care, together they manage all of Kemble's live-in carers and clients. They are more than happy to speak with you and to advise you on the best options for your homecare. 

Kemble has and always will be family run; not national. We are interested in people and we are keen to help where we can.

If you decide to choose Kemble as your live-in care company 

Kelly or Marisa will be the ones to pop and visit you, taking time to listen to you and understand what you want; they will be the ones suggesting who they think you'd get on well with. They interview and select all their live-in carers; who have just the right balance that make them fantastic live-in carers. They will suggest who you might like supporting you with your full time care at home and will set up a meeting to introduce you to your personal live-in carers.

Our carers are devoted to their clients, and it is humbling to see how selflessly and enthusiastically they make sure their clients have a good day. Many of them have cared for a loved one before they joined our team, and many of them have been with us for years, if not decades. Our ‘oldest’ Live-in carer has been with us for 21 years.

Your live-in carer will be available around the clock to help with tasks big and small. Providing you with reassurance, assistance and enabling you to remain at home. 

“My carers are exceptional and have become friends. They are professional, very good at what they do and discreet too”


Our approach to Live-in care

Personal, flexible & respectful

We provide a very personal approach; listening to you and asking you what you would like support with. We can be as flexible as you need. Whether you need support with complex health conditions like Dementia, Parkinson’s, MS or Epilepsy, or help with daily household chores, running errands and helping with medication. 


Kemble live-in carers will treat you with the utmost respect. They will take time to get to know you and your needs; they will take time to get to know what you want and can be flexible if your needs change. 

Kemble live-in carers will become companions; providing a listening ear, a friendly chat and peace of mind. 


"My carer is very kind, gentle, a good listener and has a lot of patience”


Why choose Live-in care with Kemble?

Friendly, family run & outstanding care

We are Kemble at Home’s Live-in Care Specialists, a family run homecare company with almost 30 years of care experience, providing high quality care services at home supporting people in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wales and neighbouring counties. Our great reputation is well known; because we remain a private, independent, family-run live in care company. We have been delighted to have this recognised officially, where CQC described the care we provide as "outstanding" in our last CQC inspection. We offer private care for people wanting to remain at home. 

At certain stages of life tasks can sometimes become more difficult to complete without the support of another.  We aim to provide healthcare at home in a respectful and kind way so that people can remain in their homes; and be safer, happier and more comfortable at home.


We believe that companionship, particularly towards the later stages of life is crucial for better mental, emotional and physical well-being. We provide excellent live-in carers; dedicated, caring and kind people who spend time building a trusting relationship.


We employ our Live-in carers directly. Jason trains them in-person, on a range of important areas including health and safety, moving and handling, medication, personal care and nutrition. All Kemble live-in carers have to pass the training selection and have continuous on-going training and assessments along the way. We are proud of our training and assessment; and our carers seem to like it too.

​“Kemble at Home were amazing. They couldn’t have done more and been more helpful if they tried. They helped me to work through a maelstrom of information and options and were an incredible source of support and information. Their care staff were all wonderful and the office was so lovely to deal with. I absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for help/carers.” Emma F (goddaughter to a client July 2022)

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