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Our story

In 1993, Michael and Sharon King founded a small company called Kemble Care, to support people in the community stay as active and independent as possible.


On Christmas Day 1993, they arranged support for their first client. 


Word quickly went around that Kemble Care staff were reliable, gentle, and non-intrusive, and before long they were traveling all around Herefordshire and surrounding areas to support people in their daily lives.

Home care Gloucestershire
Kemble at Home wins Investors in People Award

2001 - We become 'Investors in People'

In 2001, we achieved the Investors in People Award, which acknowledges companies for creating an atmosphere of positive change - among both clients and staff.


A few years later, we achieved the Investors in People Gold Standard, which is only awarded to organisations who demonstrate the highest level of people management practice. 

2009 – Peter takes over

Michael and Sharon successfully ran Kemble Care for over 15 years. In 2009, their son Peter took over the day-to-day management, allowing his parents to starting thinking about ‘the slow life’.


They now spend much of their time working in the garden of their home in the hills of Herefordshire, although they will always be emotionally attached to Kemble.

Michael and Sharon - Kemble at Home founders

2012 – Live-in Care sees the light of day

Under Peter’s guidance, Kemble Care continued to flourish. In 2012, we launched a new service: Live-in Care. Some of our clients faced the threatening prospect of having to move into a care or nursing home, and we believed we could prevent – or at least postpone – that from happening. 

Live-in care, where a carer moves in with the client, made it possible for people to live in their own home and receive around the clock support. Live-in care has become increasingly popular over the years and is now one of our most sought-after services.

2014 - Welcome Kemble Training!

Health Care provider training

In 2014, we set up our sister company Kemble Training, which specialises in providing top-notch training for health care providers.

Sharing a roof with Kemble Training has made an important difference to the quality of training we can offer our staff. The company has grown quickly and today, Kemble Training provides introductory and specialist training to care specialists throughout the UK.

2017 - We are Kemble at Home

After having operated under the banner of Kemble Care for more than twenty years, the time came to reconsider the emphasis of our identity.


In 2017, we changed our name to Kemble at Home, because we feel our role is so much more than delivering care: we want to support people in all areas of life, so that they can live their life exactly how they want to – at home and in the community.

Kemble at Home Logo

2018 - Kemble PA

Early 2018, we took a decision that transformed our business. After nearly 25 years of successful partnership with the Herefordshire Council, we decided to become a solely privately funded provider. This change in focus created a fantastic opportunity to take a fresh look at what we want to mean to people, and how we can make a difference.

In the spring of 2018, we introduced the 'Kemble PA', a revolutionary approach to Visiting Care, where the client builds a strong one-on-one relationship with their most trusted carer, who takes the lead in organising the client's support. The model turned out to be immensely popular among both our carers and our clients, and quickly became our key approach to delivering Visiting  Care. 

25th year of care services in Hereford

December 2018 - we celebrate our 25th birthday!

On Christmas Day, 2018, we celebrated our 25th birthday.


To celebrate, our founders, Sharon and Michael King, restored an old Kemble tradition and delivered Christmas lunches to our clients' homes.


With the help of their daughter Lizzie and family friend John, they visited several of our clients and brought them a selection of home made treats, accompanied by a bottle of wine of course!

June 2021 - Dominic takes over

After 11 years of running Kemble, Peter decided it was time to focus on his young family and handed over the baton to Dominic, his brother - Sharon and Michael's youngest son.


Dominic had recently moved back to Herefordshire from London with his wife and baby and continues to run the family business with support from the side-lines from his brother and parents.

Kemble at Home - bird logo

Get in touch

Would you like to find out more about us? Get in touch for an informal chat - our team are ready to answer all your questions. 

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Meet our carers

We are incredibly proud of our team of carers. They have been rock solid, loyal, and many of them have been with us for a long time.

We pride ourselves on looking after our carers, and we aspire to be a company where people feel that they belong, where they matter and are part of something larger.

We are a team, and we welcome you to come and meet us. 

Meet our carers

Our carers in Hereford
Kemble at Home - Office team

Our office team

We go out of our way to make sure that our carers have the freedom and the space to do what they do best - making other people's life easier. We have a wonderful team in the office, who are there to support our carers and take as much weight of their shoulders as possible, so that they can focus completely on our clients. 

Meet our office team

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