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A Visit From Councillor Paul Rone

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Visit from Councillor Paul Rone

On 17th January 2018, Paul Rone, the Councillor responsible for Health and Wellbeing in Herefordshire, visited us to learn more about the care sector.

Appointed in the summer 2017, the councillor has been eager to make improvement in all aspects of Health and Wellbeing, so the visit to our premises included introductions to the operational work of the company, the difficulties we face in providing care, as well as the work we do as part of the community.

Councillor Rone, who himself is passionate about volunteering in the community by joining in events like litter picking and community cooking, was very pleased to hear about the charitable efforts our staff have made in the past year to improve the lives of many people in Herefordshire.

Kemble at Home staff organised many charitable events in 2017, like the 24-hour walk for Leominster Meeting Centre, and a 35-hour hymnathon to raise funds for St Mary’s Church in Burghill, raising more than £5000.

Councillor Rove said: “By volunteering at activities like litter picking, we relieve the pressure on some of the funding that the council receives, which means there is more money in the pot available for the much-needed services like health care.

“There are many companies like Kemble at Home who are keen to help in the community, and I believe that such efforts be applauded.

“If we all do our bit, we will live in a much more pleasant society.”

We were very pleased by Councillor Rone's visit and we look forward to seeing the improvements he makes in the care sector following this visit.

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