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HIRING - Visiting Care Manager

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Job Title: Visiting Care Manager

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £18,000 - £25,000 per annum

Job Description

Job summary

An exciting time to be joining Kemble as our Ledbury team grows. You will be responsible for nurturing and sustaining the Ledbury team of Visiting Carers in their task of best supporting our clients. The role requires substantial communication and organisational skill – you are the main point of contact for your clients. Moreover, you are the main contact for the carers in your team, guiding them and ensure they have the resources to do their job. You will be involved in recruitment, interviewing potential carers and supporting new carers once they start. In addition you will be supporting the other Visiting Care Managers in daily administrative tasks. You will also contribute to the team’s overall aims, such as business development, maintaining partnerships and ensuring our service is consistently of the highest quality.

The Visiting Care Manager and Administrator has a positive, can-do attitude, enjoys interacting with others and is very well organised. They enjoy working in a team, communicate easily and openly, and they are good at defining clear objectives and the steps required to achieve them, and at following these through to achieve their aims.

How we operate

The Visiting Care team currently consists of approximately 65 carers, who are divided into four regional teams. The carers provide support to our clients in all areas of life. This may include light household work, cooking, supporting clients with activities (both at home and in the community), and delivering personal care. Often, our clients appreciate the company and for many of them companionship is an important reason for requesting our services.

Our care staff are supported by managers, based in the office, whose key purpose is to ensure our carers have everything they need to excel at their job.

Your responsibilities

As Visiting Care Manager, you are responsible for the clients and carers in your regional team, including 1) arranging your clients’ support package; 2) coordinating your team of carers, and 3) sustaining and growing your team 4) administration duties and 5) maintaining excellent communication

Arranging support packages. You are responsible for ensuring that your clients receive high quality support. In doing so, you create support teams that are as small as realistically feasible, and that consist of well-matched, reliable carers. This part of the role requires substantial organisational skill: you visit potential clients, assess their needs and desires, match them with suitable carers, arrange their rotas, conduct period reviews, and maintain the client records.

Coordinating your team of carers. You guide the carers and make sure they have what they need to excel in their job. You are a crucial source of support for your team – including answering questions and giving advice, supporting carers achieve their professional development goals (e.g. training goals), ensuring continuity in case of staff holiday or illness, ensuring that our services meet legal, regulatory and sector standards, and promoting a positive atmosphere.

Sustaining and growing your team. As Visiting Care Manager, you are responsible for growing your team, which means attracting new clients, creating partnerships with other healthcare professionals, participating in community engagement, and identifying recruitment needs for your team.

Daily tasks would include scanning documents, updating diaries, maintaining and supporting with rotas, checking and filing sensitive documents, responding to phone calls and new clients and carers.

Maintaining excellent communication. This role requires you to communicate clearly and openly supporting your colleagues, sharing responsibilities, addressing concerns and promoting an optimistic, solution-focused atmosphere.

Person Specification


Attitudes, skills, and expertise

As a company, we work hard to maintain a positive and social company culture, and we find it important that our staff feel comfortable with our values and want to be active members of the team. We live by our guiding principles: we ask ‘why’, we keep it simple, we trust people, we start with ‘yes’, and we keep learning. We want to be a company where people feel welcomed and appreciated, and we like all our staff to contribute to an atmosphere where we can feel safe, work hard, and have fun.

This is a highly interactive: you are often the primary point of contact for (prospective) clients and carers. As such, you will be expected to interact frequently with others and to initiate contact – picking up the phone to contact clients or carers, communicating with clients and their families, and establishing partnerships with other professionals. Hence, we find it important that you communicate easily, clearly and effectively, face-to-face as well as over the phone, through WhatsApp and texts and in writing.

The role is demanding and multi-dimensional, and requires considerable organisational skill. For example, you will need to be able to manage large numbers of client and carer files and to shift your attention rapidly between tasks (e.g. answer the phone to clients or carers). As such, the role requires excellent organisational and time-management skills, flexibility, and an ability to prioritise and work efficiently. You will need to be competent with IT, including Excel and Word, or at least be willing to become so fast.

The role requires independent decision making, often at short notice and concerning other people, and often within a complex legal or regulatory context. Social care services are heavily regulated and you will need to be able to evaluate a situation rapidly and advise appropriately, and be able to find and analyse relevant information to guide your judgment. We will ensure you receive the training and tools you need to fulfil your role.

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