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Massages and music at Well-Being event

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Visitors to the Kemble at Home Well-Being event were spoilt with free massages, hair dressing and live piano music in Hereford last week. Massage therapists offered hand, foot, and shoulder massages and guests could have their hair done, try a meditation session or simply enjoy live music and a cupcake.

The event was organised to encourage people to experience the positive health benefits of massage therapy. Carrie Holcombe-Lloyd, from Kemble at Home: “Massage can help enormously to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. We have seen people with painful conditions just feel so much better after a massage. And it is also very relaxing.”

Visit from Madam Mayor

Guests were pleasantly surprised when Madam Mayor, Sue Boulter, joined the visitors for a chat and a cup of tea. Ms. Holcombe-Lloyd: “We were delighted that Madam Mayor visited us, she was absolutely lovely. She chatted with everybody and she stayed for a long time. She even had her hair done!”

Well-being service

The event launched a new Well-Being service offered by Kemble at Home. Clients can now also receive hairdressing, massage therapy and basic music therapy as part of their home care support. Ms. Holcombe-Lloyd: “It is well known that things like massage and music can have a very positive effect on people’s well-being. Sometimes, even a hand massage can do wonders to release tension and make you feel better.” Read more about our well-being services here.

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