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Staying safe in snowy conditions

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The weather forecast is looking fairly unsettling as we approach the first week of March, and for service providing companies like ours, this can be a very challenging time. There are many people relying on us to reach them regardless of the weather conditions, which is why it is very important to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

There are many things you can do to avoid hazards and danger, so we have compiled a guide of how to stay safe in snowy conditions at and away from your home. While you may be able to do all of the below yourself, don't forget to check up on neighbours and family who may be of a greater risk of hazards.

At home

You should take into consideration that there is a chance you could be cut off for a few days so making sure you have the essential food and drink available is important. You should consider the following:

- check your heating system and make sure your fireplace and chimney are clean

- make sure you have enough wood to keep your woodburner going for a few days

- ensure you have enough food supplies - you should have plenty of food that does not need cooking or refrigeration

- store water in clean containers

- purchase a snow shovel - try to get the snow off your drive and pathways before it becomes icy

- alternative heating and lighting supplies in case of a power cut

- work slowly and carefully when doing outside chores

- wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors: layers, warm clothing, hats, gloves, waterproof boots

If travelling by car

Are you braving the drive to work or running an errand despite the conditions? There are chances you may get stuck so before heading off from your nice and warm home, you may want to pack an emergency bag which should be medium sized so you can carry it in case you need to leave your car. You should always make sure you check the weather forecast before you leave and also ensure your phone is fully charged.

Here are things that we recommend you have in your emergency bag:

Emergency Kit Bag for staying safe in snowy conditions

- walking waterproof boots

- clothing: spare socks, trousers and tops

- at least 1.5 litres of water per person

- food that will keep (snack bars are a great choice due to being compact and providing a high amount of calories)

- a torch and spare batteries

- a compact sleeping bag in case you get stuck overnight

- a blanket to keep you warm

- a first aid kit for emergencies

- a portable mobile charger

- medication: this is important especially for those taking regular medication. It would be wise to have a care plan with you if your health needs are more complex

- documents: a copy of your ID and emergency contact information in case you find yourself in trouble and

- plastic bags, toilet rolls and tissues for sanitation

You should also make sure your car is safe for driving:

- Take time to clear your windscreen with de-icer and a scraper (avoid using warm water as if you have a chip in your window screen, this might cause it to break

- check your anti-freeze level

- check your tires and make sure they're at a legal limit

Don't forget to let your friends and family know where you are and if you are heading out. They should know when you are due to arrive at your destination so that they know where to look for you if you do not get there.

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