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Kemble PA / Visiting Care

The way we deliver visiting care is unique, and we are very proud of it.

The idea is simple: We visit you, as and when you need it, to help out with all things big and small. We take on daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, we accompany you out and about, and we assist with medication and complex physical conditions.

The unique bit? With Kemble at Home, receiving home care feels like having your own Personal Assistant. You choose your own Kemble PA, who becomes your second pair of eyes and ears. Anything you need, they arrange it for you.

I am...

Your Kemble PA

I am a bit of everything.


I am your Chef du Jour, your private driver, your gardener and your household manager.


And I can be much more, I am an all-round talent.


I am your Kemble PA.

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The story behind Kemble PA

The story behind our Kemble PA

The Kemble PA emerged from our hearts, from the core of who we are and who we aspire to be.


Early 2018, we made a decision that would change the future of our business. After a 25-year partnership with the Herefordshire Council, we became a solely private provider. This gave us the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at how we want to make a difference.


We knew the answer. We want everybody to finish the day thinking, “this was a good day.” Whatever the challenges life throws at us, be it age, illness, or other circumstances, life can still be fun and dynamic. And we believe we can help make that happen.

Kemble PA - providing personal care assistance to Hereford

We set out to create a service that we would choose for ourselves, for our parents and our friends – a service that we can be proud of. A service that makes people feel that they matter, that there is somebody who cares about them, and that anything is possible.

And voilà, the Kemble PA was born


The Kemble PA comes as close to our ideal of ‘support in the home’ as possible. It is personal, simple, non-intrusive, and flexible. It is everything we like.

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