Visiting Care

The way we deliver Visiting Care is unique, and we are very proud of it.

The idea behind Visiting Care is simple: We visit you, as and when you need it, to help out with all things big and small. We take on basic household chores, we accompany you when you want to get out and about, and we can assist you with medication and managing complex medical conditions.

The unique bit? With Kemble at Home, Visiting Care feels like having your own Personal Assistant. Above anything, we find that our clients want to build up a personal relationship with their carers – they want a carer who they know well, who they trust, and who they feel comfortable with.

Our Kemble PA is designed to create just that. You choose your own Kemble PA, who works one-on-one with you to organise your support. They are your direct contact: they can arrange your visits, organise trips and activities, liaise with your healthcare professionals, order medication and drive you to your appointments.

But mainly, they are there to keep an eye out, to make sure you are alright and that you have got everything you need – and more.

I am...

Your Kemble PA

I am a bit of everything.


I am your Chef du Jour, your private driver, your gardener and your household manager.


And I can be much more, I am an all-round talent.


I am your Kemble PA.


The story behind our Kemble PA

The Kemble PA emerged from our hearts, from the core of who we are and who we aspire to be.


Early 2018, we made a decision that would change the future of our business. After a 25-year partnership with the Herefordshire Council, we decided to become a solely private provider. This gave us the opportunity to look with fresh eyes at what we want to mean to people, and at how we can make a difference. 


We followed our key principles and asked ourselves, “why are we here?".

We know why. We want everybody, young and old, no matter how fit and healthy, to finish the day thinking, “this was a good day.” We believe that whatever the challenges life throws at us, whether it is age, illness, or other circumstances, life can still be fun and dynamic. And we believe we can help make that happen.

"We trust people"

We set out to create a service that we would choose for ourselves, for our parents and our friends – a service that we can be proud of.


A service that makes people feel that they matter, that there is somebody who cares about them, and that anything is possible.


One of our guiding principles is “we trust people”. Because feeling trusted brings out the best in all of us.

The Kemble PA is designed to build trust. It brings out the best in our carers - it gives them the opportunity to unleash their talents and develop a bond with our clients.


And voilà, our Kemble PA was born

​We want people to see life in terms of opportunities instead of barriers and difficulties, and we believe that we can make a real difference.


The Kemble PA comes as close to our ideal of ‘support in the home’ as possible. It is personal, simple, non-intrusive, and flexible. It is everything we like.

How it works

The Kemble PA goes far beyond traditional social care. It gives you all the advantages of a Personal Assistant – a trusted pair of eyes and ears, and someone to offload chores on so that you can spend your time doing the things that you enjoy.

Whereas PAs are traditionally self-employed, however, your Kemble PA is employed with us. This means that you don’t have the stress of having to recruit, select, and employ your own PA, and our staff have the security and benefits that come with employment.

Your own support team

Your Kemble PA is not alone: they can be seen as the ‘captain’ of a unique, small team of carers, which has been selected based on how they well they fit with you and how you like to work with them.

Your team works closely together to make sure they can respond quickly and find swift, creative solutions to support you as best as they can.

Do you have some garden work that needs doing, and is your PA unavailable to assist you themselves? They know exactly who to call – they will personally arrange one of their team members (the one with the green fingers) to come and visit you.

The Kemble PA is designed to give you control and confidence that things will be dealt with rapidly and how you like it. You will know that there is always someone watching out for you.

Your Go-To, for anything

When you start with us, you can take the time to get to know your support team, get a feel for how they work and who you get on with.

When you are ready, you can decide who you trust to become your Kemble PA. This person then becomes your key source of support, you can direct any question or request directly to them.

We regularly review with you how things are going, and whether you are happy with your Kemble PA and your support team. Would you like to change PAs or is there someone you get on with particularly well? Everything is possible.

This is a drastic change to how social care usually works. No need to call an office employee to arrange your support, simply discuss directly with your Kemble PA what you want to achieve. The office is always there to support.

Why a Kemble PA?


The Kemble PA makes it possible for you to keep living your life as you like, and will give you peace of mind knowing there is somebody who knows you well and who looks out for you.

Because you communicate directly with your Kemble PA and have a small, tailored team around you, the Kemble PA is far more personal than traditional social care. To give you an impression of how unique it is, here are a few of plenty ways in which the Kemble PA stands out.

You build a strong relationship with your Kemble PA

Traditionally, in social care, your main contact is an office employee. If you want to arrange support, you ring the company’s office, and they decide which care worker is available.


You may have met this care worker before, or you may not. It is not uncommon for people to see twenty to thirty different care workers in a month.

For us, the relationship between you and your Kemble PA is the main thing that matters. We’ll find someone who you get on with and who you trust, and you can arrange anything you’d like with them directly.  

They become someone you trust implicitly, for whom half a sentence is enough. They know you well enough to know how you drink your coffee, what activities you enjoy and what a good day looks like for you.


Sometimes, these bonds last a lifetime.

Your Kemble PA is Organiser-in-Chief

Probably the most exciting feature of the Kemble PA is the amount of freedom you have in organising your support directly with the person who delivers it.


The Kemble PA has more flexibility and autonomy than a traditional ‘care worker’ – they can organise whatever you want, whenever you want it.

In doing so, your Kemble PA is assisted by your own team of care workers, who all know you well and have your best interest at heart.


Guided by your Kemble PA, your team arranges their own schedules, cover each other for holidays and illness, and work out among themselves who might be best placed to give you a hand with certain activities. 

Your Kemble PA can do (nearly) anything

Traditional social care is often about doing only the absolute necessary to help people through their day – administer medication, put a meal on the table, get people ready for the day. It is support that makes life more manageable, not more enjoyable.

With the Kemble PA, we want to support your entire lifestyle. We firmly believe that whatever challenges life throws at us, whether it is illness or old age, life can still be fun, engaging and dynamic. We might face limits to what we are able to do, but the only limits to enjoying what we do are the limits we set ourselves.

The Kemble PA is there to take the weight, to help you with the things you can’t (or don’t really like to) do. When we leave, we want you to be able to say, “this was a good day”. And we are there with you to make it happen.

We trust and support our staff

Because your Kemble PA takes the lead in organising your support, the role of the office is different too.

You get your own named contact person in the office, who is there to support you and your Kemble PA. They touch base with you regularly and they are there to answer all your questions or help out where needed.

We offer our carers in-depth and ongoing training, so that they can feel supported and confident to trust their professional instinct. It is this confidence that enables them to go the extra mile for you. 

What does a Kemble PA cost?


The cost of Visiting Support depends on your preferences and situation. Our carers are available every day of the year, including on public holidays and during Easter, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

To find out more about our rates,

download our brochure

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Where to go from here?

Think a Kemble PA might be right for you?

Are you interested to hear more about Visiting Support and our Kemble PAs, and would you like to find out whether it might work for you?  


We would be delighted to have a chat with you on the phone to answer your questions, or visit you to discuss whether you might like to try a Kemble PA.

Call us now, or write a message and we'll call you back!

Would you like to hear more about Live-in Support?

Live-in Support is an economical alternative to residential care. A carer comes to live with you, in your own home, and is available to help out around the clock.

Are you not sure which service would suit you best? Give us a ring or leave us a message and we will get in touch with you!

Would you like to get to know our staff?

Our carers are amazing individuals, and we like to put them in the spotlight. ​

Meet some of them, just to give you an idea of what type of people work with us. You'll find that they all have a story to tell. 


Read more about our staff

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